Add facebook like box to blogger blog

Facebook is the most popular social networking site today. Generally bloggers use Facebook to promote their blogs on it. You can promote your Blogger blog on Facebook easily. To promote your blog on Facebook one of the best way is , adding the Facebook like/fan page to your blog. Facebook like box is one of the useful plugin for all blogs/webistes. It allows your blog visitors to subscribe your blog updates via Facebook accounts.

Facebook like box is useful both for Bloggers and to their blog visitors. Through this blog visitors will get latest updates of a blog via their Facebook account. So automatically blog traffic will increase through this plugin.

How to add Facebook like/fan box to Blogger blog :

You can easily add Facebook like box to your Blogger blog. First thing you have to do is , create a fan page on your Facebook account. After creating fan page , get that fan page script code and add to your Blogger blog. In this post I'm going to show you how to add Facebook like/fan box to your Blogger blog. Later we will discuss about adding Facebook like/fan box to WordPress blogs.

Follow below steps to add Facebook like box to your Blogger blog.

Step 1 : Log in to your Facebook account and go to Facebook like box plugin page.

Step 2 : Add your Facebook page url on Facebook page url box

             And then set height, width, color scheme and show faces...

Step 3 : After completion of customization , click on Get Code, then copy code

Step 4 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 5 : Click on Layout , click on Add a Gadget, select HTML/JavaScript Gadget

             And then paste code in that widget box and click on Save.

That's it . Now open your Blogger blog and check your Facebook like box on your blog. Like this you can add Facebook like box on any where in your Blogger blog. It is the best method to add Facebook like box to your Blogger blog.

You can also add Facebook like box to your Blogger blog by using Facebook like box code from third party websites , but that's not the good way. Because some one will leave their links in that Facebook like box code or some codes will take more time to load. So the best method to add Facebook like box to your blog is , get code directly from Facebook like box plugin page and add to your blog as explained above.